Airbnb is a massive hit in London

Airbnb is the largest hotel distribution network and it is very popular around the world. It is one of a kind and has inspired many startups across the globe. The company has achieved an immense growth within a short span of time. Airbnb is widely famous in Europe because it is one of the largest tourists’ attraction spots. England’s capital London has got some gorgeous tourists spots that attract millions of tourists around the world every year. About 11,000 hotels from Airbnb’s listings set up a heavy competition with the “traditional hotels” in London.
Many hotels from Airbnb listing cost up to 200 pounds and those traditional hotels are not cheaper than Airbnb’s hotels. A lot of travelers show interest towards the house sharing website due to cheaper rates. The popular cities of London have got a large number of hotels and most of them are roped in by Airbnb. Brian Chesky is also looking to add more hotels to the listing in order to further expand the service across the globe. As of now, the company targets the corporate world and it promises to offer luxurious features to the business travelers. Airbnb has got huge inventories and currently, it stands first in the competition and the traditional hotels must catch up ASAP! It looks stronger than ever before and shows an amazing growth in London every year. Most of the first time Airbnb users return back to use it again and London could possibly lose its traditional hotels very soon, you may never know!

Airbnb’s phenomenal growth does not scare the traditional hotels

Airbnb is an online hotel distribution network and it seems to be a massive hit across the globe. Despite being a startup company that was found in 2008, Airbnb has grown to be a successful network. There is a noticeable phenomenal growth every year and the CEO seems to be flaunting it. The company also does a lot of campaigns in order to grab more attention from the public and is looking to extend its service.
Airbnb poses a serious threat to the private hotels, boutique hotels and you name it, it would slay it! Nowadays, people prefer Airbnb to other private hotels for better and cheaper services. The company allows people to make money off empty apartments, how freaking cool is that? It has also been hit with controversies but people still choose Airbnb for its efficient service. Airbnb has also been successful with the labor economy by implementing features for business travelers. Many traditional and private hotels target business travelers, but now that Airbnb is targeting the corporate world, the competition is getting tougher. To manage its reputation among the media people, the hotel managers refuse Airbnb being a potential threat. Also, hotels that offer rooms for cheaper prices could face an epic fail if Airbnb provides apartments in the same location.
Airbnb does not offer hotels with many facilities as private hotels. The traditional hotels offer loyalty points to its users whereas Airbnb does not really credit its users. But honestly speaking, Airbnb is slowly taking over the hotel management industry, you cannot deny that fact!

Premier Inn Oppose Airbnb’s Tax Suppression

Premier Inn, the largest hotel brand in the UK claimed that most of the Airbnb renters are listing multiple properties. It fears that the home rental company would beat the hotel industry with its low cost rooms listed out by the ordinary landlords.

The landlords spare their rooms for their extra income and all the guests rely on the spare spaces as they feel it like their home. The boss of the premier inn listed that the lord lords who rent out their home in Airbnb are not paying taxes properly. He also stated that the government is not maintaining the measure of technology change and all the regulations are to be followed by the renters who rent their property.

Airbnb should enforce the rule of tax for all the landowners who share their properties. Even the government and Airbnb doesn’t know whether the property owners is following the same law as premier inn follows including health, safety, consumer protection and tax payments.

It is evident from a report that more than two lakhs of homes have been listed on the site; with most of the homes are town houses of the landlords itself.

Airbnb has never damaged the business of premier inn, but it claims that whole group of hoteliers is watching them, so it should follow the regulations as other companies do. It exposed tax break for those who rent their space in Airbnb with tax free allowance in some amount of their income.

American Express Cardmembers can Redeem Points towards Airbnb Bookings

The new team up of American Express with home sharing economy Airbnb helps the cardholders to make an easy booking for Airbnb accommodation.

It enables Amex members to create an Airbnb account using the user ID and password of American Express. For the purpose of Identity verification, it identifies users as cardholders of American Express.

This enables the user to sign up easier in Airbnb by completing the profile with the American express information and payment details. It provides them the opportunity to redeem the reward points in order to book for an Airbnb stay.

Airbnb always likes to satisfy its customers by providing them with enough rewards and facilities they can, so that they will feel free to use it. It always wants its customers to utilize everything it offers.

Through this new technology Airbnb user can have a unique way of experience as it provides the wise service and benefits the cardholders.

Airbnb welcomes the American Express cardholders to join the Airbnb team to get a valuable service. It allows the cardholders to redeem points in case of booking a castle in Bali or going for a business trip to London, after being verified with the Amex Login by a trusted group in Airbnb.

In order to sign up for an account in Airbnb, Amex cardholders need to click the option ‘sign up with Amex’ on the homepage of Airbnb. Then the members will be verified with a badge as Amex card member in their profile.

Airbnb Sales Rises after Its Tax Books

The sales of the local online travel company jump to one million dollars after its booking in the Buncombe county tax in the month of June.

According to the county tax department the sales of the company rise from laths to millions in a month, but the spike of the local online travel company was not new money.

The reason for the jump was after the international rental website Airbnb began to report sales officially to the county tax department. Local Airbnb sales are spreading wide across the globe.

The report was based on the Airbnb decision to start paying the local lodging taxes. It is the first noticeable one in the overall economic impact of profit and contended short term rental business.

The jump in the sales cannot be linked officially to the Airbnb because of the state law protecting business privacy. Instead, the tax department of the county showed an increase in the online travel company, there are seven entities in that category.

Hotels are responsible to pay the lodging tax should pay an additional amount of 4 percent in the sales tax. Prior to June, the lodging taxes related with Airbnb come from the independent property owners.

Airbnb provides an opportunity to do short term rentals and is one of the popular methods.  Renting out a property for less than 30 days is considered to be illegal in most cases of Ashville except in ‘Home stays’ where a long term resident will be present and only a part of the property will be rented out.

14 Points Guests and Hosts Should Be Aware Before Using Airbnb

Airbnb seems to be a well protected accommodation service company, but hosts who like to rent their and property and guests who like to use Airbnb service should be aware of some points.

A host needs to know these simple points before getting started:

Follow the Rules:

For each host there should a set of rules which they need to follow before renting their property. Check out your local laws and check with your in-laws before creating your profile page, otherwise they may be fined.

Host Guarantee:

Each host of Airbnb is protected by host guarantees which include protecting your properties from major damage.

Protect your accessories and jewelries:

Even if the host is protected by host guarantees, some things like jewelries and artworks do not have any protection. So, it’s the duty of host to protect to remove all the valuable things before renting the home.

Home Owner Insurance is necessary:

There come a number of situations when you feel the value of your own insurance after renting home through internet.

Take attractive photos:

Guests will rent your space by seeing its pictures, so a unique picture will grab guest attention. The photos you take should be unique and clear.

Have a research on price:

Be confident to set a competitive price for your place after a strong research of other host’s price.

Satisfy your guests:

Every host can rent a home, but everyone can’t satisfy and make them happy, so bring a smile in their faces by fulfilling their needs.

Now here are some few points for guests before booking home Airbnb: Get airbnb clone script from Unencrypted source and Customizable.

Get a clear view about the host:

You can’t judge anyone before interacting with them, so get a view about host by reading their reviews and asking about them to your neighborhoods.

See the ratings:

Get into a conclusion by checking both the reviews and ratings.

Do neighborhood research:

Don’t ask any host about the neighborhood; instead has a strong research about the place in social media.

Ask Queries:

Here you are provided with an opportunity to question your host. Ask them the entire question that strikes your mind, regarding the place.

Choose an experienced host:

Experience makes the man perfect, so try to pick out the host who has multiple experience of being a host.

Tell the host that you are new bee:

If you say that you are new to the site then will help you clear your confusions.

Do transactions via Airbnb:

If you did your transaction via Airbnb site, then the process is charge free and it will protect you from scams.

A Swiss Company Orient Stay Launches, an Airbnb Style Service in Iran

Orient Stay, a company which provides accommodation service similar to Airbnb, opened in Iran to solve tourist issues.

This company which started in September this year has its listings of 200 flats in nine cities including Isfahan, which is considered to be Iran’s top tourist spot. It receives booking from many foreign customers who come to visit the country for some reasons.

During the period of tourism in Iran, the new company Orient Stay offered services similar to the bookings of hotels through agencies and tourist operators, but later it started to serve in Airbnb style.

Iran has a total of 1500 hotels but, it is really a hard task to book hotels, especially during the season of tourism. The country has very few hotels, but more visitors like to visit the country. The main idea behind the launch of this new company is to solve these issues of visitors.

Orient Stay focuses mainly on the foreigners, giving them a wonderful experience of the country and its culture throughout their visit.

The company also expects more foreigners to visit their country, thus changing the worldwide image of Iran. The company advertised to find 200 flats in the city in order to make people add their properties on the site.

The company provides opportunity for tourists to visit their country for seeing the people, their cultures and monuments. By visiting the people of Iran, tourists can gain a better and satisfactory experience.

Orient Stay which acquired permission from Iran authorities is meant for its service for incoming tourist and not for residents in Iran. It accepts all modes of payment options including foreign cards.

Earn Income tax free for renting rooms in London with Airbnb


Renting a room for a night to some strangers may not be safe but some Londoners think it as a new source of income. The home rental website Airbnb is considered to be the best site for booking for overseas visitors who comes capital on some special occasions like Rugby world cup which takes place till October. If you are renting out the whole property, then the income will be tax free unless your earnings from such lending mount up.

With conventional lodger, households can receive tax free for a good amount per year through short-term room lettings. There is a chance for a rise in this tax break from next April as announced by the chancellor in this summer’s budget.

Hosts set their own price and availability and also decides which guests to let too. People always prefer tax free option which was one of the reasons to keep Airbnb popular among home rental sites. Airbnb charges hosts with three percent commission on each bookings and between six and twelve percent for guests. But in similar sites like Wimbu, hosts will not be charged with commission but guests need to pay a processing fee on the top of room rate.

Host and Guest Relation:

Airbnb has more than 20,000 listings in London where the properties are far from main hotel districts. It gives an opportunity for tourists to live in a unique space. Some hosts will have the motivation to make money while others talk about the attraction of having guests from various parts of the world. Through Airbnb, hosts can able to know about the guests by visiting their profile and asking about their plan. After their visit, the guest and the host can add their reviews about each other to the site. Either, payments can be done through sites or hosts can ask for a security deposit to avoid potential damage.

Airbnb is expected to double its bookings


Airbnb is highly expected to double its nightly bookings this year. This means the service is approaching a rapid growth in such a short period of time.  It is expected to have 80 million bookings this year when it had 40 million bookings last year. The number has been doubled which is clearly a healthy sign of rapid growth. Airbnb wants to maintain the secrecy of its nightly bookings by not disclosing the figure to the media. However, the unnamed investors brought out the news to the eyes of media. The growth is expected to expand more in the following years. Airbnb service is known to have almost 1.5 million listings across 34,000 cities in 190 countries. The listings include short term housing rental, tree houses, castles, guest rooms, apartments, house boats and so on.  The Airbnb does not own properties and is not responsible for housekeeping unlike hotels. The research arm Piper Jaffray estimated earlier this year that the service would have 61 million nightly bookings. But the company has surpassed the estimated record, the investors said.

Despite all the controversies caused by the lawmakers and regulators, the Airbnb service never once hit crisis which is a very commendable thing! Several travelers prefer Airbnb services to hotel managements because of affordable prices, host’s local knowledge about the neighborhood, and the traveler’s freedom to book the entire home. Airbnb’s efforts of winning over business travelers are also slowly succeeding. The company’s 50 percent of revenue comes from Europe whereas the United States contributes only 30 percent. Many home owners in Europe are invited by Airbnb to host their homes in the site. Paris possesses highest number of listings when compared to other cities in Europe. According to several sources, the service is also slowly blooming in China. Many hotel groups and managements consider the Airbnb service to be their biggest threat ever!

Parisians Officially Happy: Airbnb to Collect Tourism Taxes in Paris


Paris is considered to be the largest market for the home rental site Airbnb. From cot 1 the company will be collecting tourism tax from all the guests and remitting it to Parisian city hall on behalf of hosts, the company announced. The tourism tax on Airbnb guest varies with the amount of 83 euro cents and 93 US cents per person per night.

The home rental site says in a blog post “This is a complicated venture as tax rules vary in every authority where we do business but we are committed to extend this program and are looking forward to work with many cities in this issue”. Paris is receiving more revenue from Airbnb’s community as many are ready to get rentals in Paris comparing with many other places in the world.

Attorney general issued a report last year in Newyork saying that three quarters of the properties of Airbnb is not legal as the host is absent and the rental period lasts less than 30 days.

Paris customers also need to pay an extra amount of 83 cents per person per night including city imposed tax and an administrative district tax. A complaint from law makers against Airbnb is that the company is not collecting taxes for short-term rentals it promotes. Airbnb impressed the investors by getting 9 to 15 percent costs of each rental.

Other Cities Paying Tax:

Paris is not the first city to pay tax while San Francisco based Airbnb had already agreed to pay tax. The other cities include Amsterdam, Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Malibu, San Diego and Washington D.C and many more.